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Visualize. Record. Save. Stream.

Capture and manage audio and EKG data at the bedside or remotely using Eko software.

The Fastest Cardiac Analysis.

Record and save heart sounds and EKG in seconds. Play back, annotate, and analyze quickly. Generate reports for your EMR.

Designed for iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets, Windows desktop computers and telemedicine carts.

Premium feature

Live streaming with Eko Telemedicine

Share clinical-quality cardiopulmonary sound and EKG in realtime, anywhere. Use Eko alongside your existing video conferencing software for remote patient care and telemedicine visits.

HIPAA compliant sharing

Bring in a second opinion by texting or emailing a quick recording.

Eko’s sharing platform ensures patient health information is kept secure.

Powerful analytics. Coming soon.

Machine learning that helps track heart function using heart sounds and EKG analysis. Accurate depiction of cardiac time intervals. Predictive analytics for improved outpatient care. That’s what you get when you combine groundbreaking processing power and medical-grade sensors.
Smart analysis is based on current expectations for future products and is not guaranteed of future performance, development, or FDA clearance.

Developer Program

Build more immersive experiences with custom SDKs for Windows, iOS, and Android. Eko’s developer program brings acoustic and EKG to your native software platform.


Expand your capabilities by integrating heart data directly into your medical software. Add PDF reports and MP3 files seamlessly to your EMR, or contact us for additional software integrations.


integrated with

HIPAA-compliant security

Eko uses industry best practices to protect health information. Eko’s PHI is fully encrypted and securely stored.

Eko adheres to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act standards (HIPAA), which protect health information. More information on HIPAA policies can be found at

For a full description of Eko’s HIPAA security policy, please click here.

Eko CORE is cleared by FDA, CE, and HealthCanada.
DUO is cleared by FDA.

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