A new standard for cardiovascular screening.

Introducing DUO, the first combined ECG & digital stethoscope.

All-in-one cardiac screening solutions

Capture heart and lung sounds with 40x amplification and ambient noise reduction with Eko CORE digital stethoscope.
Achieve detailed cardiac insights with Eko DUO digital stethoscope and single-lead ECG. The first in the world.
Eko’s cardiac platform connects your patients’ cardiac data to simple, intuitive mobile, desktop, and web-based portals.

Powerful data captured anywhere

Eko’s no-setup platform is designed to engage and manage multiple care solutions – from individual practice to integrated systems.
HIPAA-compliant care platform for iOS, Android, Windows, and web platforms.
Devices available for heart and lung sounds, and single-lead ECG.
FDA, CE, and Health Canada cleared for cardiac and pulmonary indications.
Physician reimbursement under telemedicine and chronic care management codes.

Reimbursement policies vary based upon payers.

Know Your Heart


Eko is building heart sound and ECG AI to help monitor systolic function for congestive heart failure, valvular and congenital heart disease, and arrhythmias.


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Some features are not available yet and have not been evaluated by the FDA.


Our customers

Learn how Eko is collaborating with Sutter to support rural communities with virtual care.
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“We have searched over two years for a telemedicine solution for cardiology and pulmonology. The Eko Core digital stethoscope is that solution.”
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