As accessible as it is useful

Eko products are designed for every clinician. With industry-leading audio amplification and waveform visualization, hard-of-hearing clinicians can auscultate with confidence.

Audio amplification

Eko has worked with top manufacturers to install audio drivers designed specifically for hearing support. These drivers provide outstanding sound quality, 40 or 60x audio amplification, and filtering to reduce ambient noise.

Don’t just hear it. See it.

The Eko app shows EKG and heart sounds as real-time waveforms on your mobile device, computer, or telemedicine cart.  Visual cues make it possible to not only listen to heart abnormalities, but see them as well.

Achieve more with DUO

Listen to Eko DUO using noise-cancelling or over-the-ear headphones to get real-time heart sounds without removing your hearing aids.

Hearing aid connectivity

Hear heart sounds through your Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids by playing back recorded audio through the Eko App.

Due to interfering Bluetooth signals, hearing aid connectivity is only available on playback, not on real-time audio. For best quality, please use Made-for-iPhone hearing aids. Do not connect to hearing aids if you are experiencing delays in audio streaming.
Eko assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party hearing aids or products.  For best low-frequency representation, please use over-the-ear headphones that can be placed over hearing aids.