Combining heart sounds + ECG


Eko DUO is the first FDA cleared device to combine the digital stethoscope and ECG for monitoring patients in the clinic or at home. The marriage of ECG and digital stethoscope technology into a compact, handheld device offers unprecedented insight into cardiac function.  Clinicians will use DUO as a cutting edge screening tool – or prescribe it to heart disease outpatients as the centerpiece of at-home health kits.
Making heart data digital


DUO pairs with the Eko app on an iPhone, iPad, Windows PC or Android device enabling quick diagnosis and monitoring anywhere. All the data on the app is stored in a HIPAA compliant manner and can be connected to the patient’s medical record.


DUO represents a shift in the fight against heart disease – using familiar smart tools to advance the quality of cardiac care and reduce costly hospital re-admissions.
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States.
$26 billion annual spending on heart failure hospitalization in the US.
25% of heart failure patients are readmitted within 30 days.  50% in 6 months.
Hospitals are now penalized for high readmission rates.
Heart failure is the #1 cause of re-hospitalization for patients over 65.


HIPAA Compliant
60x sound
Bluetooth 4.0 LE
battery life

Use Cases


Clinicians use DUO at the bedside to quickly spot heart abnormalities including arrhythmias, heart murmurs, and valvular heart diseases. Combined with the familiar stethoscope form factor, DUO is used as a digital stethoscope and 1-lead ECG for general practice.

At Home

Patients are prescribed DUO to monitor their heart health while at home. Attending physicians gain instant access to their patients’ cardiac data and can adjust medications or treatments as needed. Eko’s app-based software makes quick recordings effortless.


“Cardiology programs are looking for ways to deliver hospital-quality healthcare at home. The ability to capture digital heart sounds and an ECG expands our portfolio of mechanisms to remotely monitor the heart – and brings diagnosis and opportunities for early intervention even further upstream.  Robust toolkits for caring for patients in the community will hopefully lead to more appropriate healthcare utilization through continuous rather than episodic outpatient care.”

Dr. Ami Bhatt Director of Outpatient Cardiology & Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program, Massachusetts General Hospital

“DUO’s consumer-friendly design can help transform how clinicians monitor heart health remotely. We need powerful tools which heart failure patients can use to improve self-care and communicate troubling findings with an expert.”

Dr. John Chorba Cardiologist & Assistant Professor, UC San Francisco

“Congestive heart failure patients often yo-yo in and out of the acute hospital setting due to sub-optimal monitoring and outpatient management. DUO presents a promising opportunity to predict acute CHF exacerbation earlier and therefore a chance to intervene sooner. The potential in this device to keep patients healthier, out of the hospital, and save the health care system money is the triple-aim of healthcare we are always looking to achieve.”

Dr. Alex Ding Former Board Member, American Medical Association

“Can you imagine a doctor taking care of you who doesn’t use a stethoscope or check your ECG? That’s what telemedicine is like right now. Eko DUO brings the immediacy of a patient’s heart and lungs to remote practitioners.”

Dr. Steve Pham Emergency Medicine Physician, Dignity Health



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Our Story

Eko Co-Founders
From left: Jason Bellet – COO, Connor Landgraf – CEO, Tyler Crouch – CTO
In 1816, René Laennec invented the modern-day stethoscope.  For 2 centuries, its design and functionality have remained virtually unchanged.
In 2013, three students from UC Berkeley (Connor Landgraf – CEO, Jason Bellet – COO, and Tyler Crouch – CTO) founded Eko Devices to invent the next evolution in stethoscope technology.  In September 2015, Eko launched its first product – CORE – an attachment designed to transform any ordinary stethoscope into a smart medical device by wirelessly connecting it to a smartphone or tablet.  With it, physicians are empowered to make better diagnoses and avoid unnecessary cardiology referrals.  Today, CORE is used by thousands of physicians from over 700 institutions worldwide.
With the launch of DUO, Eko directs its cardiovascular technology to address heart disease – combining heart sounds with groundbreaking ECG technology.  With cardiology-grade sensors, advanced medical engineering, and minimalist design, Eko aspires to build products that are useful, usable, and delightful to both physicians and their patients.  And this is just the beginning.

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