Building powerful auscultation tools that students love to use.

Eko expands what’s possible in the classroom and beyond. Review body sounds and EKG with our groundbreaking hardware, or capture your class’ attention with our app-based education library.

Record, playback, and review

Record interesting sounds and EKG directly to the Eko App for iPhone and Android. Take a closer look, and playback recorded data for your students to hear.

Smart sharing

The sharing feature makes it easy to share interesting heart sounds or EKG tracings with students or other clinicians.

Learn more with our library

The Eko App includes a library of pre-recorded sounds and EKG covering basic murmurs, EKG tracings, and cardiac events.

Live streaming

Your students can now listen to your digital stethoscope from anywhere in real-time. Simply activate live streaming on your phone and share the URL.

Special pricing for education

Eko is proud to support students and teachers in education. Contact us for bulk orders and special education pricing.