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StationMD Telemedicine Case Study

StationMD is a physician-owned and operated telemedicine company that specializes in providing high-quality care to patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities. StationMD also has extensive experience in the skilled nursing and post-acute care space. Whether at home or in a facility, they provide immediate quality care which is often superior to what the transferred patient experiences.

How Telemedicine is Deployed

StationMD has incorporated Eko’s Live Streaming technology into their platform, enabling their physicians to quickly and easily access the stethoscope audio during their visits. Eko is the only peripheral incorporated directly into their platform, making the experience seamless for both sides of the visit.

The StationMD Platform includes:

  • StationMD Telemedicine Platform
  • StationMD quality metrics and data dashboard
  • Eko CORE Digital Stethoscope
  • Eko Live Stream License



After thousands of virtual encounters using the StationMD telemedicine solution, their board-certified emergency physicians have reduced emergency room transfer rates by 80%. With our HIPAA compliant virtual consultations, StationMD physicians provide top quality medical care while keeping patients and minimizing the “trauma of transfer” including:‍

  • Disruption of routine
  • Long wait times
  • Staffing burdens
  • Transportation hassles
  • Unnecessary testing
  • Unwarranted and costly admissions



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