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PNWU Education Case Study

Dr. Wilson is an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences, or PNWU, who uses Eko Digital Stethoscopes combined with the Eko App and Live Streaming Software to help teach medical students clinical reasoning and auscultation skills. With Eko, the class can listen to live auscultations of a real patient in the classroom and use what they are hearing in real-time to practice diagnostic reasoning.

How Eko is Used for Education

  • Eko can be used to teach students in large classrooms, small group settings, such as bedside rounds, or remotely
  • Students download the free Eko App to capture and save heart sound recordings
  • Students can access live streaming auscultations from any device and operating system through a secure link
  • Students listen with headphones to maintain high-quality heart sounds


PNWU uses Eko as part of a monthly clinical reasoning lecture series. The faculty feels like students grasp the big picture of auscultation and screening better when studying real-life auscultations compared to simulated heart sounds. Live streaming auscultations are more true-to-life, and the students can connect what they hear with where the stethoscope is placed and better grasp the diagnostic reasoning. Eko Live Stream License doesn’t require the students to have a subscription, as it populates in a PHI/PII protected web browser this has proved to be a sustainable and repeatable solution for PNWU.

Eko has been a helpful tool that allows us to broadcast live auscultation sounds to a large group of medical students to help them better grasp auscultation and its role in diagnostic reasoning.

-Dr. Wilson, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences



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