Eko DUO Digital Stethoscope + ECG is Shipping

Introducing the Eko DUO

Early reservation holders are getting priority access to the Eko DUO Digital Stethoscope + ECG! If you made a reservation for the DUO in the last year, keep an eye out for an email asking you to complete your reservation. It’s not too late – click here to reserve the DUO today with $50 savings.

Today we can only ship the DUO to customers who use the Eko App on any Apple iOS phone or tablet. We will have an Android app available in 2019. For international customers, we are applying for regulatory clearances in Europe, Canada, Australia, and everywhere the CORE Stethoscope is approved.

The Eko DUO is a combined digital stethoscope and ECG in one device (the first in the world). Eko DUO combines ECG and digital stethoscope technology into a portable, handheld device for unprecedented insight into cardiac function. When clinicians use the DUO with included earpieces they can listen to heart sounds like a traditional stethoscope while viewing the ECG rhythms on the accompanying mobile application for advanced bedside analysis. Alternatively, removing the earpieces transforms the DUO into an easy to use remote monitoring tool for patients who require continued advanced cardiac monitoring in their home. The DUO makes it possible to capture ECG and systolic time intervals for effective heart failure, AFib, and other heart disease detection.

Pair DUO with the Eko app on your iOS devices to unlock the power of the Eko Platform.

View it – Display real-time ECG and heart sound tracings (phonocardiogram)
Record it – Capture 15, 30, 60, or 120-second recordings for playback or storage
Save it – Save sound recordings and annotations in Eko’s secure dashboard
Share it – Share recordings with colleagues for a second opinion or live stream anywhere in the world
Analyze it – Coming soon, analyze stethoscope signals for murmurs, AFiB and other signs of heart disease

Congratulations on being one of the first customers to experience the DUO! For the past two years, we have been designing, testing, and innovating the DUO to get it in the hands of our customers. Many clinical advisors regularly use the DUO in their daily practice, ranging from emergency medicine to telemedicine, however, we appreciate your feedback based on different specialties or use cases. To help us troubleshoot and evolve, we will reach out to all early customers to collect feedback after there is time to incorporate it into your workflow.