Some folks are incredibly hard to shop for around the holidays. For one, they’re so absorbed by their jobs they’d never think to make a wish list. They don’t have much time for books, hobbies, or leisure in general. Forget new clothes or jewelry. They wear uniforms at work, and jewelry would just get in the way. And while they may talk a big game about wanting to cook more, you know any appliance you purchase will sit in their kitchen, gathering dust.

Sound like a certain clinician you know? Don’t stress. Here are ten gift ideas sure to please any doctor, nurse, veterinarian or medical student on your list. These come highly recommended by other clinicians, and prioritize efficiency, focus, and food for the soul.

  1. The gift of time. This may sound hokey, but it could be the most rewarding gift of all. Medical professionals work grueling hours, and it can feel like they’re stuck in quicksand when it comes to the rest of their lives. Offer to babysit. Ask what day is good to drop off a homemade dinner or takeout from their favorite restaurant. Come over and do the laundry. Plan a weekend getaway and then offer to housesit. After giving so much to others, quality down time to regroup, and to connect with close friends and family is priceless.
  2. Local specialty coffee. There’s something acutely satisfying and energizing about a great cup of coffee before a frenzied day of work or school. It goes beyond the benefits of caffeine. When coffee beans are harvested at exactly the right time, and roasted with utmost attention to flavor, you can really taste the difference. Specialty coffee from a local roaster or café that carries the finest will give the clinician in your life a much-deserved pick-me-up, and make them think of you every time they enjoy a cup. If you don’t have a local favorite in mind, try Bean Box, which features dozens of the best artisan roasters from around the world.
  3. The Eko CORE Digital Stethoscope. Technology is constantly changing the face of modern medicine, however, for the last two hundred years, stethoscopes have stayed virtually the same. The latest advancement is all about making heart and lung sounds easier to hear, and easier to store and share. The CORE Stethoscope amplifies sounds and reduces ambient noise. It can record and play back noises, as well as upload clips to an electronic medical record. A growing number of clinicians are choosing CORE because it makes their lives easier. This gift is especially impactful for medical students, because it allows for live feedback from instructors, who can listen in as students conduct diagnostics.
  4. The Eko CORE Digital Attachment. For medical professionals who already have a traditional stethoscope they prefer, this device can attach to it, giving them access to some truly remarkable features. It wirelessly pairs to the free app from Eko, allowing clinicians to record sounds, see how those sounds look in wavelength form, and share and store noises, as mentioned above.
  5. Super Scrubs. There are some unique needs when it comes to clothing for those who work in the medical field. Comfort is key, yes. But beyond that, medical professionals need scrubs that are versatile, extra sanitary, and help them look good as well as feel good. A leader in the field is FITScrubs®. They rely on a new technology that harnesses the antibacterial power of silver. FITScrubs offer antibacterial protection, as well as eliminate sweat odors. They have a fitted, sportswear flair that makes them a lot more stylish than traditional scrubs, and they move and stretch better when it counts. Plus, they’re made right here in the USA.
  6. Excellent wireless headphones. Headphones are a must-have for clinicians and those studying to become clinicians. And chances are they’ve been making do with a mediocre pair. Splurge for a pair of luxury headphones like the QuietComfort 35 from Bose, and they’ll eternally be thankful. These babies block out background noise, provide ultra-high fidelity, and connect to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice commands. They’re even compatible with medical tools like the Eko stethoscope.
  7. Personal Engraving or Embroidering. If you have a medical student close to graduating on your Christmas list, consider getting them something engraved. After all that hard work, endless studying, and trials by fire, they’ve earned a right of passage. The cap and gown will be worn one day. But an engraving is forever. Many med students choose to engrave their stethoscope. Another great idea is having their scrubs embroidered with their name and title. Allheart personalizes scrubs for just $6 a line. They also do stethoscope engraving.
  8. Miracle Matcha. This green tea is starting to give coffee some stiff competition. Experts say matcha leaves help the body detox, are antioxidant rich, and boost energy and focus without any jitters. Some studies have even found it to reduce appetite, boost immunity, lower cholesterol, and keep mouths more healthy. There are several fantastic farm-to-cup sources of matcha that will make this gift even more meaningful. Try Encha or Grace & Green, both dedicated to providing the highest quality organic macha in an exploding industry where some suppliers cut corners.
  9. Comfort Food or Treats. A great way to make your medical professional feel loved at work is to send something the whole team or department can enjoy. Fresh baked goods are always a hit. Get a local bakery to box up a few dozen of its best-selling cookies, pastries or donuts. Boxes of chocolate or caramel apples could be exactly the sweat treat the team needs after a hard day. Healthier options include bagels and a variety of spreads, fancy cheese and crackers, and fruit and veggie platters with dipping options.
  10. A simple thank you. There are few things more heartwarming than a genuine “thank you.” Consider hand writing a thank you card or letter, and have the whole family add a few lines. Flowers with a touching note are always well received. And if you want to go a little more high-tech and creative, record your thank you in a special spot, or with props. The benefit is that your smiling face and your message can be viewed again and again.