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How to Stream High-Quality Stethoscope Sounds for Telemedicine

Transcript of Eko for Telemedicne Video

Telemedicine is growing, and healthcare organizations are now faced with a challenge to stream high-quality stethoscope sounds from point-A to point-B.

Current stethoscope solutions are either poor quality, too expensive, or a hassle to implement!

Meet Eko for telemedicine!

Eko is an affordable, easy-to-use, telemedicine stethoscope solution. Stream high-quality sounds & ECG tracings to other clinicians; they’ll swear they’re in the same room!

Eko is simple for clinicians to use and safe for patients. During a patient exam, encrypted stethoscope sounds are securely transmitted through the Eko App to a doctor. And videoconferencing allows for real-time discussion, start to finish!

It’s easy to get started with Eko because it pairs with iOS, Android, and Windows devices, and integrates with telemedicine and videoconference platforms you already have in place.

Over 10,000 clinicians at 1,000 institutions worldwide use Eko for tele-cardiology, tele-pulmonology, skilled nursing homes, school-based telemedicine, and so much more!

With high-quality stethoscope streaming from Eko, you can meet patients where they are, build more trusting relationships, and expand your telemedicine program!

Reach out to see how Eko can improve streaming stethoscope sounds at your clinic today!

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